Top10 Home Decoration Ideas


You can always decorate the home according to your wish and dream. With home decoration ideas you can customize your house. whether it is your living room, study, bedroom etc. This easy tips can help you to make your room more decorative.


1. Use Of Colour.

Choice of colour should be very natural. One should opt for colours that add life to your room, don’t use neon colours it hurts eyes and are not at all comfortable to gaze at. Colours of the light shades of white, pink, grey are more natural and appealing. You can also make your choice according to the amount of sunlight it gets during the day, if the rays are light then use greys more if less light enters your room use light shades of white because white plus sunlight give a pleasant atmosphere to the room.

home decoration ideas wall


2. Window Decoration.

windows should be painted properly, and the curtains should be perfectly aligned. Prefer dark colour curtains if the region is too hot or you receive direct heat waves because this dark colour maintains the balance and allow minimal light to pass so that the room remains cool. look for curoshia work above cloth it appears more classy and modern.  Some eye-catching design, prints look good. Choice of cloth-like silk, linen, cotton blend can decorate your home entirely.

home decoration ideas windows


3 . Study Self.

Study self is also important. You can have a small study self. People prefer to read books while resting it is a good habit. Especially should be developed in kids. Kids basically want stories to be read out to them while going to bed. You can choose a small ready-made study self and buy them or can get a customized one.

4 . Lamp.

Lamp or glittery lights should be added if room too dark. Some of us cannot stand total darkness so there should be a small light, so when you suddenly wake up you don’t have to crawl or fall. These lights are a good option for decorating homerooms because they can be folded, portable, low power consumption plus you can shape it.

home decoration ideas lamp

5.  Dream catcher

Dream-Catcher can be added to the wall it is simply amazing to hang them. Or you can make your own wall hanging using different materials. It can be woven, knitted or can be bought. It is one of the best things to all ways have.

home decoration ideas dream catcher

6 .  Banners. 

Banners made by photos attached to the string can be hung in order to make it look more amazing. A photograph is the part of memories to you can always have a photo stand on the wall so that when you see them in whichever mood you are in you got to smile and smile. This home decoration idea and concept can add memories to the wall.

home decoration ideas banners

7 . Painting.

Paintings of traditional art can be hung. kids draw lots of colour art.  You have to frame them and collectively make a collage and then in a decorative way add to the wall. It is an impressive way to decorate the home walls.  what can be more precious than that, when you have your own kid’s art craftwork on your wall. Even your kid’s finger and toe impressions can be printed in the colourful format and added to the wall. You can mould finger and toe impression then frame it and hang them, a decorative item again added to your collection.

home decoration ideas paintings

8.  ceiling.

The ceiling is also as important as all other you cannot overlook it. You can make your house ceiling a night sky with stars,  moon, satellites, rockets and planets. Simply gazing at them will give you an impression of the night sky. Similarly, flowers, geometric patterns, other patterns can be put up. It’s all up to you how you make it look more interesting.

home decoration ideas ceilings

9.  Furniture.

Furniture should be even all of them of the same category. If wooden then everything should be wooden if another material is used then it should be that entirely. Colour of the furniture should be also compatible with other materials like wall curtains etc.  Colour should not be either too loud or too dull. Prefer hues which are more of a soothing character so that it can be matched properly. Proper choice of colour, materials and cloth can totally change the look of your house.

home decoration ideas furniture

10.  wall stickers.

Wall stickers are one of the best options which can entirely change the look of your room in no time. Their lots of room stickers available online or you can always get them from shops nearby. These stickers are more artistic. You can have trees, you can have flowers, you can have night sky, or you can have a cartoon animation superheroes. The best part of these stickers are they can be changed easily when you want to add new to your walls. They don’t even damage walls or paint if handled carefully.


home decoration ideas wall stickers

These are some of the best, easy, simple home decoration ideas that can change the way your house looks. Some changes can work as wonder for your home. Making your living palace better always make everyone joyful. So get started you have lots to do. Grab what you need, get the materials required and last but not least apply them one by one. Make your house lively and attractive guys!!!!!!!!. Hope you will like and follow these home decoration ideas. Hurry!!!!!!! use these ideas and follow my updates.

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