Santa Claus Paper Craft Step By Step

Santa Claus Paper Craft


Guys This Christmas I have for you this easy Santa Claus paper craft.

Materials Required

For Santa Claus paper craft the materials you require are as follows.

  • Pink or red foam-based glitter papers (for the body of Santa)
  • Cotton (to make beard and hair of Santa)
  • Black colour pen (to design or decorate Santa with patterns)
  • Light brown coloured paper (for making face)
  • Black coloured paper (for making hands)
  • Glue (for sticking)
  • Scissors (for cutting paper)


To start the Santa Claus paper Craft you need to start grabbing things told above and get started.

  • Draw the body of the Santa with the help of pencil in the foam Based glitter paper. You can choose the glitter paper according to your colour combination red or pink colour can do the work.
  • Cut out the same with the help of scissor. Cut the paper carefully and then keep it aside.
  • ┬áTake a light brown colour paper and draw a round shape with a pen or pencil, cut the round-shaped head. Draw the eyes and mouth with a pen. Choose a pink or red colour for the mouth and black colour for eyes. Make the eyes look attractive so that Santa Claus paper craft looks different.
  • Paste the head and the body. And then allow them to dry properly.Santa Claus paper craft Now we have to make other items, so get started again.
  • Cotton is used to make hair and beard. So give shape to the cotton for moustache, hair and beard. The quantity of cotton should be neither too much nor too less.
  • Paste the cotton carefully on the head portion then face and allow them to dry for some time.
  • For the Santa Claus paper craft cut out glitter paper to make a cap and paste it on the head from the backwards direction.
  • They’re after take a black coloured pen and draw patterns in the body with light brown colour paper. You need to paste the light brown paper cut out for hands and body as shown at first.
  • Back coloured paper is cut and pasted and used in hands.
  • Christmas Santa Claus paper craft is ready in no time for decoration. Decorate your Christmas tree or walls with it.

Santa Claus paper craft



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