Best Christmas Crafts-Reindeer Craft Step By Step

Reindeer craft

Heyyyy!!!!! Christmas is around the corner and lots have to be done. Guys try this unique reindeer craft step by step for the upcoming Christmas. It is easy yet simple and can be done in a short time so to start with get the things mentioned and get started side by side.

Materials  Required

For the reindeer craft, all you need is

  • Drawing sheet ( to sketch reindeer)
  • Black pen (to outline the sketch so that it appears bold and attractive)
  • Sparkle glitter tube sliver colour (for filling horns of reindeer and fur)
  • Colour pens (to add patterns and colour them)
  • Pencil ( to sketch the reindeer craft)
  • Eraser (to erase the extra pencil sketch when colouring is complete)


  • Draw the reindeer in the sheet. Use drawing sheet or you can use separate single sheets also according to your convenience
  • Make the reindeer sketch of reindeer craft bold and eye-catching with the black colour sketch pen.
  • Thereafter start filling colours. Use of the colours in reindeer craft should be according to the colour combination. The choice of the colours you make should make the reindeer craft look attractive. So choose colours wisely.
  • Start with patterns, make patterns inside the body of the reindeer and then colour them. Similarly, colour the legs and tail.

Reindeer craft

As shown in the figure.

  • Use the colours of your own choice. Here I used blue,¬† Green, Yellow, pink. I choose a dark pink colour to give the face of reindeer craft different look.
  • Make the eyes look different and yet very eye-catching, even use a black coloured pen to give the eys given concept.reindeer craft
  • Add sparkle to the drawing. The sparkle makes the reindeer craft look more attractive. Apply the sparkle on the horns also. After that allow it to dry. Dry them completely and the coating or thickness of the application must be thin. Sparkle is needed for decoration to make art craft activities.
  • You can use any colour sparkle paste but here the silver is used by me here.

And the reindeer craft is complete and I hope you all liked my craft ideas and will try it.

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