Navagraha Images With Names

Navagraha Images With Names

Heyyy!!!! guys, Happy new year!!!!!!! masterartcraft has brought to you Navagragha Images with names are the next craft items I have brought forward to you this new year.

Materials Required

  • Drawing sheet (for sketching the Navagraha )
  • Pencil(for sketching the Navagraha)
  • Crayons(colours for background and colouring of the face)
  • Glitter paste tube (liquid form)(Basic five colours)
  • Eraser
  • Colour sketch pens(To make the drawing colourful and vibrant)


For the Navagraha images and temples craft-making, you should grab these things and get to work guys!!!!!.

  • Draw the rough outline of the Nava Graha with a pencil. Then with a black sketch pen make the outline look attractive. Draw carefully because each drawing has its own characteristic feature


Navagraha images with names

  • After sketching, colouring is the next step so you need to choose colours according to the colour combination and also the colour associated with the particular Graha.

navagraha images with namesSurya

navagraha images with names

The sun lord or also known as Ravi. I used a pen to outline the drawing and then added colours to it. Choose colours accordingly bad colour combination can spoil your work. Use of red and yellow in the above painting craft of Navagraha images with names is seen. After the clouring process glitter is used to make it look attractive. Sun occupies the central place in the solar system. All nine planets revolve around the sun. The sun lord represents seven colours that white light has and also the seven days of the week. Zodiac sign is Leo and grain associated with it is wheat.



navagraha images with names chandra

The moon. The next drawing in Navagraha images with names is moon also known as soma. It falls into cancer zodiac sign representing emotions and beauty. The lord has a chariot drawn by ten white horses. Use of colours is light blue and yellow. Silver glitter paste is also used after the colouring and drawing. Moon represents Monday.




navagraha images with names budha

The planet Mercury is nearest to the sun and extremely hot. The Budha rides eagle or chariot which is pulled by lions. The mercury is the lord of intelligence and communications. It is represented by Wednesday. I used a green colour in this drawing and also yellow in the ornaments. Golden glitter is used to bring shine.



Shukra is the guru of demon or asuras. Shukra represents Friday in Hindu calendar. Venus is said to be earth’s twin. Venus is visible to the naked eye in daylight even after sunrise and sunset. Use of pink colour flowers and sliver work is done.

navagraha images with names shukra



Mars is called Mangala in the Hindu calendar. Mangala is a ferocious planet and protector of Dharma. Mangala represents Tuesday. Use of red colour is done along with golden glitter paste is applied and then it is allowed to dry. Mars is the planet after the earth and called the red planet.navagraha images with names mangala



navagraha images with names BrihaspathiBrihaspathi is also known as Jupiter Guru of the devas. Brihaspathi represents knowledge and teachings and Thursday. Jupiter is the fifth planet from the sun and the largest in the solar system. It is a gaseous planet. In Navagraha images with names I have used golden glitter paste and has tried to keep it simple.


navagraha images with names shani

Shani is Saturn the planets of rings. Lord Shani rides a chariot drawn by buffalo or a vulture. Shani represents Saturday. It is the sixth and second-largest planet after Jupiter. It is also called gas planet because density is one-eighth of Earths.

Rahu And Ketu

Is the north lunar node. Rahu rides a black lion and his chariot is pulled by eight horses. And Ketu is represented by a comet. Ketu is actually a serpent.

navagraha images with names rahunavagraha images with names ketu



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