Makar Sankranti Decoration Ideas

Makar Sankranti Decoration Ideas

Makar Sankranti is celebrated each year in the month of January here is few Makar Sankranti decoration ideas which can help you decorate your house differently. It is a harvest festival. The sun rays start to fall directly on the tropic of cancer from this day and northern hemisphere gets hotter day by day. Every time it falls on the 14th of January but in cases, both 14th and 15th are celebrated. In India Makar Sankranti is named differently in different states. It is also called Pongal, Maghe, Magh Bihu and Tisu festival.

Different types of sweets are made out of til sesame seed and jaggery. Sun lord Surya is worshipped with all heart and celebration. There is kite flying competitions, bone fire dance, feast, cow puja and many more. So on this auspicious celebration moment, I have brought forward a few easy DIYs on Makar Sankranti decoration ideas.

Materials Required

  • Pencil(to sketch the kite)
  • Eraser
  • Black colour pen(to outline)
  • Colour sketch pens(all colours)
  • Glitter
  • Scissors
  • Drawing sheets(white)
  • Papers(Brown, white, light and dark green, purple)
  • Corn(left over)
  • Glue(pasting purpose)

Kite craft

The very first craft for Makar Sankranti decoration ideas is kite craft. I have used paper to make this craft and also kept it very easy and simple.

  • Take a drawing sheet and make a basic kite sketch.
  • With black colour, the pen makes the outer bold.
  • Cut the kite with the scissor.
  • With colour pens draw patterns.
  • Use the colours you like I have used pink, black, blue.
  • Use glitter to make it attractive and then dry.
  • Basic kite craft is ready.

Makar Sankranti decoration ideas kite craftPongal Craft

The second craft in Makar Sankranti decoration ideas is Pongal craft.

  • For pot, first, take a white drawing sheet and with a pencil draw the pot.
  • Outline the pot with a black sketch pen.
  • With colours draw various patterns.
  • Use of colour is basically red.
  • Use glitter to highlight.
  • Cotton is used to depict rice in the pot.
  • Pongal craft is ready.

Makar Sankranti decoration ideas pongal craftMagh Bihu

Dhol or drum craft is the next craft.

  • Take a drawing sheet and draw the dhol.
  • Make the outer areas bold.
  • Take colours and draw patterns and after that glitter is used to complete the look.
  • Cut out the string of the dhol. First, draw the string in white sheet then cut them out and paste it on the drum.
  • Colour the string.
  • Magh Bihu dhol craft is ready.

Makar Sankranti decoration ideas Magh BihuLohri Craft

  • To make sugar cane plant you need to draw the stem of sugar cane on the brown sheet.
  • Cut out the sugar cane stem and with black colour make patterns.
  • Take a green colour sheet and draw leaves.
  • Cut the leaves and make a border with a black colour pen.
  • Paste leaves and stem and thus sugar cane plant for Makar Sankranti decoration ideas is ready.
  • Use glitter lastly

Makar Sankranti decoration ideas lohri craftBull Cart Craft for Makar Sankranti

  • To start with you require white drawing sheet.
  • Draw the bull and cart as shown.
  • Outline them with black colour. Use colours to draw the patterns and graphics you like.
  • Use glitters lastly and allows them to dry.

Makar Sankranti decoration ideas bull cart craftCorn Harvest Craft for Makar Sankranti

  • Draw the leaves in a green sheet.
  • Cut out the leaves with scissor and with black colour make it look detailed.
  • Take a white sheet and cut out a thin strip.
  • Take glue and spread it in the strip.
  • Few leftover corns are pasted in the strip.
  • Take a brown sheet and make the lower portion of corn.
  • ¬†Draw leaves from a purple sheet and cut them out. Paste them on corn along with green leaves.
  • Attach them and new craft is ready for Makar Sankranti decoration ideas.

Makar Sankranti decoration ideas harvest corn craft


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