Basic 5 Durga Puja Drawings

Durga Puja Drawings


durga puja drawings devi durga

Puja is in full swing. There is a spiritual atmosphere all around. After long wait puja pandals are ready to invite the devotees in. Every year there is competition among the puja pandal committee to make a unique design.

They come up with so many creative ideas and help to make an attractive design. People gather in large amounts to see these decorations and this leaves an everlasting impression on their minds.

Navratri is a ten-day-long celebration time. Ten-day means a lot of celebration, lots of food and lots of activities.

During Navratri goddess, Durga is worshipped. Puja pandals durga puja drawings devi durgaare made and idols are kept in it.


Puja pandals are theme-based each group try to make unique pandal which can stand out and is totally different from the rest of them.

In this festive season, I  want to share with you some easy drawings. These drawings and activities will keep you enjoy this festival to great extent.

I’m going to share Durga puja drawings with you all. I have tried to keep it simple and easy with only basic and essential items. The explanation of the above drawing is also written.

Tools and materials:

The tools and materials in each drawing are the same.

  • Pencil use a regular pencil ( as I’m going to keep it simple)
  • Eraser
  • Ruler (smaller or you can use bigger one)
  • colours (crayons)
  • Pen (black or blue and red )
  • Marker
  • Sketch pens
  • Drawing sheetdurga puja drawings dandiya sketch

Dandiya Night

Take a drawing sheet the paper should be of good quality and should not be too thin. With a pencil make a sketch of the dancing dandiya couple.

Make sure you do not draw with much pressure on hands. Draw it smoothly and softly there should not be sharp at sketching. After pencil sketch using a black or blue pen to outline the sketch to make it appear bold.durga puja drawings dandiya

For colouring use crayons. Crayons are wax-based colour easy to apply and use.

For kids, it will be easy as it has the grip as that of a pencil.

There are a lot of colour options in crayons. They are more of an easy to apply colours.

Choose colour wisely as it dandiya night the clothes must be vibrant and attractive so apply accordingly. The background should be also in accordance with the rest. After completion dandiya night Durga puja drawing is complete.

The Drum(dhak)durga puja drawings drummer dhak sketch

Next sketch is the drum and the man. For the drum man(dhak) drawing sketch with the help of pencil thereafter use pen black( preferred ) then select colours from crayon set and use them. Here I used crayon for background patterns also.durga puja drawings drummer dhak





Devi Durga drawing

The next drawing is that of Devi Durga. I have tried a variation in this Durga puja drawing by adding multicolour to it. Sketch or colour pens are used entirely to complete the artwork.

The outline is with the black pen. Every step is explained in the stepwise format.durga puja drawings devi durga sketch

Almost all the colours are used in this art and this use of all colours makes is entirely different from other drawings. durga puja drawings devi durga


Durga Puja Activities

During Navratri number of activities are performed.

Go for puja pandal hopping- Night time is the best with all that show put up. Lights, all around with devotional music everyone is lost in puja environment.

Go dancing– there is smoke, there are dhole dhak and drummers. Dancing in the beats of dhak is rejoicing.

Ram Lela- the story of Ramayana is depicted and acted by devotees or children. Participate in Ram Lela or be the audience. Help your children know about why we celebrate Navratri and what lesson do we learn from it.

Dandiya- dancing with dandiya and colourful attire is another most popular activity during Navratri. Garba the dancing style, music and rhythm is so promising to go for it.

Decoration-  high time to make your house look decorated. You can find them on home decoration ideas. Make dandiya sticks, use lights to light up your house.

Rangoli- Make beautiful patterns and fill in colours. Try rangoli with flowers and coloured rice.





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