Diya Designs For Diwali

Diya Designs For Diwali


Hey!!!! guys try these amazing Designs. Make your diyas and make them look more colourful and vibrant.

Material and equipment supplies needed:

Diya designs for Diwali 

Earthern Diyas (Diyas of different shapes)

Paint and brushes

Colours (watercolour )

Glitters (liquid glitters )



  • For Diya designs for Diwali, we require Diyas. Choose diyas of different shapes and remove the dust on it.
  • Choose colours which you want to apply. The colour combination should be proper because it enhances the look of the diyas.
  • After the removal of the dust take watercolour and start painting. Application of the colour should be thick to use, less water is needed. After applying colour inwards allow it to dry thereafter apply in the outer surface.
  • After drying you can leave it as it is or you can add patterns to it. You can also paint designs to it.
  • If want to stick stickers like stars, beads apply glue first and then paste these stickers to it. These stickers make diyas more attractive.
  • Allow the diyas to dry and then they are ready to use. Diya designs for Diwali is ready.

Printed Diyas

diya designs for diwali

Printed glittery diyas

diya designs for diwali

Diyas with sequence work

diya designs for diwali

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