Diwali Wall decoration Craft With Paper

Diwali wall decoration craft

Hey!!!!!! guys try these Diwali wall decoration craft ideas to make an amazing wall hanging.

Equipment Required:

For Diwali wall decoration craft you need

  • Paper (paper should be thick) (colour of the paper yellow, brown and red)
  • Pen (black)
  • Additional colour paper(yellow, blue)
  • Gitter tube (paste or liquid form)
  • Colour sketch pens
  • Glittery thread (for hanging)
  • Scissors (for cutting paper)
  • Glue (for sticking)


  • For making Diwali wall decoration craft we first need to draw the patterns in the paper. Like draw om in the yellow paper with a pencil and then cut it out with scissors. Similarly, draw the Swastik sign and cut them out. From brown paper draw and cut diyas.
  • In the next step take yellow and blue paper and cut out semicircles which we need to paste on the diyas.
  • In om, letter draw dots with a red pen and apply red, blue glitters to it. Allow it to dry.
  • Tn the Diya after pasting blue yellow semicircles apply golden and silver glitter paste on it in the form of dots. Allow them to dry.
  • On the Swastik sign apply golden glitter and dry it.
  • Take pen (black)and draw patterns to make it look different.
  • Lastly, take a thread (glittery) and on equal spacing stick the om, Swastik and diyas. Diwali wall decoration craft is ready to be used.

Try these wall craft to decorate your walls this Diwali. This Diwali wall decoration craft can enhance the look of the wall. These are easy to do handcraft so kids can also be taught to make them. Every time try something new and unique to decorate.

They are really beautiful guys!!!! when you hang them on the wall they are centre of attraction and different from what you get everywhere. And this makes the look of the wall different from others so be creative and try different things.

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