Diwali Craft stickers

Diwali craft stickers


Hey !!!!!!! guys, I’m here to present to you some easy simple craft this Diwali that is hand made stickers. You really need to try these out and make some awesome stickers.

Materials supplies needed: (for Diwali craft stickers)

  • Colour papers(pink or red) for lotus sticker
  • Colour paper(brown ) for lotus sticker
  • Colour paper(purple and orange ) for design stickers
  • Pen and pencil (for outlining designs)
  • Liquid glitter paste or tube (golden colour)
  • Liquid glitter tube (blue colour)
  • Scissors for paper cutting
  • Glue for sticking


  • Take a brown colour paper and cut in the shape of a square.
  • Take a pink or red colour paper and with pencil or pen draw a lotus flower. Draw four lotus flower and then with scissors cut these flowers out.
  • Take a purple colour paper and cut out the peacock design. Cut the orange colour paper in the shape of a square.Diwali craft stickers
  • In the next step stick orange paper a peacock design. Also, stick four lotus patterns on brown paper at four corners.
  • Allow them to dry.
  • Take glitter paste tube golden one and apply it on the lotus in dot format.
  • Take glitter paste tube golden and blue and apply it to peacock design in a similar way.
  • Dry them
  • Diwali craft stickers are ready to decorate walls, floor etc.

Lotus Diwali craft sticker

Diwali craft stickers

Peacock Diwali craft sticker


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