Christmas Tree Craft

Christmas Tree Craft

Heyyyyyy!!!!!! guys

Try this simple and easy Christmas tree papercraft.

Materials Required

  • Dark green paper (for the tree )
  • Scissors(for cutting)
  • Glue(for sticking)
  • Sparkle paste(colours silver, gold, red, green)
  • Pencil
  • Foam( silver glitter paper)
  • Black paper (for the trunk of the Christmas tree craft).


  • With a black pen or pencil draw an outline of the tree. Thereafter with black sketch colour pen outline the Christmas tree of the Christmas tree craft. Give the shape of the Christmas tree properly so that it looks good on completion otherwise the shape will look not proper.
  • Take the dark green colour paper and cut the green paper in the shape of a triangle. The shape of the triangles should be thin so that it adjusts properly in the Christmas tree craft. You should cut the triangles bigger and smaller ones both.
  • Cut the black paper in the shape of the trunk. The black paper should be cut in the shape of a rectangle and should fit the trunk made by the pencil.christmas tree craft Stick these triangles on the body of the Christmas tree craft.
  • Cut the foam-based silver glitter paper in the shape of a star and paste it. Thereafter you should add golden glitter tube in the silver star in the form of dots.
  • Then use glitter sparkle tubes and apply them in the tree in form of dots.
  • Allow them to dry. And Christmas tree craft is ready.
  • You can make it for decoration, wall hanging or for cards.

christmas tree craft

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