Christmas Bell Craft With Paper

Christmas Bell Craft 

Hey!!!!!!!!! guys are you ready for another unique craft idea…….. then get started.

Christmas bell craft is a DIY and simple to do in a short time. I spent hours experimenting and making this craft very simple yet influential. Guys, you will love this crafting because it’s unique and different. Grab the things and get ready for art and craft.

Materials Required

For Christmas bell craft all you need is

  • Black colour paper(to make the body of the bell)
  • Pink glitter paper
  • Sliver sparkle tube liquid(for creating patterns )
  • Glue(to paste)
  • Scissors(to cut the papers)
  • Green colour paper(for making leaves)
  • Black colour pen(for outlining)


  • First of all, take a black colour paper and give a bell shape to it.
  • With scissors cut out the bell.
  • Take pink foam glitter paper and cut out the round shape.
  • Thereafter paste the black and pink paper as shown. Paste them properly and with proper alignment.

Christmas bell craft

Allow the paper to dry for some time.

  • Take the glitter tube and start making patterns you can choose a pattern according to your wish and after the design is ready then allow the paper to dry see to it that that paper and glitter are perfectly dry otherwise the patterns with merge and will not look proper.
  • Cut out the leaves from light green colour paper and with the black colour sketch pen outline the leaf so that the proper shape of the leaf is maintained.
  • Paste the leaves to the bells and then allow them to dry for some time.
  • And the Christmas bell craft is complete. You can use it for decoration purpose for example you can decorate the Christmas tree with them. You can stick them on walls as a wall decoration item.

Christmas bell craft


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