Christmas Angel Paper Craft

Christmas Angel paper craft

Hey!!!!!! guys. Want to try something new and different then you should check out this Christmas angel paper craft. Grab the things guys and settle down and start making the craft along with the art.

Christmas angel paper craft is easy and this simple and unique Christmas angel paper craft then get started.

Materials Required for Christmas angel paper craft

  • Drawing sheet ( to draw the angle and wings).
  • Black pen ( to draw the outline so that it gives a bold appearance).
  • Yellow ( paper to make a star that is shown).
  • Glitter papers (sliver and dark blue to add to the wings).
  • Glue (to stick or paste)
  • Scissors (to cut the papers and various shapes and patterns)
  • Colour pens ( to add colours and outline the craftwork)


  • Take a drawing sheet or a drawing book and draw the angel with wings and star. You should sketch it with a pencil at first and then use a pen because any mistakes can be erased.
  • Make the appearance bold with a black sketch pen. You can also use a black pen or black marker to make the sketch look bold and different.

christmas angel pape craft


With the scissors cut different shapes.

  • Cut the pink paper in the shape of a leaf or in the shape of falling water droplets.
  • Cut the silver glitter foam paper also in the same shape. The shapes should be a little big bigger or the same size can do.
  • Cut the blue glitter foam paper in the form of a leaf.
  • At first, paste the pink paper. You have to use lots of pink leaf-shaped paper and stick than one above the other so that no gap is seen. In other words, paste the pink paper densely. Allow the papers to dry entirely.
  • Start pasting the blue and silver papers as shown in the figure. These pink and blue papers will be above the pink papers which are at the base.
  • You should also keep in mind that the pink and blue and silver paper is at the balance, meaning all the three papers should be in the even proportion so that it does not look uneven.
  • Paste the star, which is yellow in colour.
  • In the Christmas angel paper craft colour the angle with colours like yellow and blue. I have also used green colour for shading. The black colour is used for the hair.
  • Allow them to dry and Christmas angel paper craft is complete. Hope you loved crafting this different Christmas angel paper craft.
  • Decorate your home, walls or Christmas tree with this unique craft.

christmas angel papercraft



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