Best 10 Birthday Decoration Items

Best 10 Birthday Decoration Items:

Make your birthday special with these birthday decoration items suggested. Here is the list of items with the name which you can get from stores or online.

For a unique party theme, you need to collect things in that way. Let us start the party and organise things!!!!!!!.

1 Balloon

Balloons are must-have things at the party. They are the best pieces for decoration and makes the environment around more fulfilling. There are various categories of balloons available in the market. You can also get them online as birthday decoration items. There are printed ballons you can get birthday written on it or you can even get a customized one. The next piece is a metallic coloured latex balloon. You can get silver colour, golden, pink one according to your colour theme. Hey!!!!! guys don’t forget to get air pump to fill the air in balloons.

2 Foil Fringe Curtains

Multicolour foil fringe curtain looks tremendously awesome as a birthday decoration item. Best is to have multicolour but you have a particular colour theme go for other colours too. They look very good on hanging. They can be in several colours. Take care that they are not tangled or get folded. Keep them in a separate box neatly.

birthday decoration items curtains

3 Banners

There are various types of banners available, in the market, shop and online. Banners can change the look in one go. You can get different types and shapes of banners. These banners can have flowers, animals, cartoon characters attached to it especially for kids and school going kids. Calligraphy in banners also makes them unique. You can also have photo banners to express memories whether you are one year old, a boy, a girl or 60 years.

birthday decoration items banners

4 Curling ribbons

Ribbons of different colours look great when it comes to a birthday celebration. There are so many varieties of ribbons available. Metallic curlings ribbons are awesome. They are in different colours plus in different materials. As you all know these ribbons are used in gift packing and card decorations. They are also used in home decoration and wall decoration.

birthday decoration items ribbons

5 Balloon Strings

You have balloons and an air pump to fill the air in them, but one more thing that you need is the string to tie them. Ballons need to be tied individually plus collectively in a group. You can group it in four, three, twos or many. A thread can be used for tying but these balloon strings have a good appearance. They can keep the balloons in place for a longer duration of time. And they do not allow air to escape from the balloons.

birthday decoration items string

6 Birthday Cake

Birthdays cannot be without Birthday cake!!!!!!! guys. You need a cake, a beautiful cake with a unique design. It should look amazing and must taste like heaven. Select the cake very precisely. See the colour theme, keep the decoration item colour code in mind and then decide.

bithday decoration items cake

7 Led Lights

Flickery glittery lights add glitter to your party day. Go for rice lights, they are simply amazing. They have the colour changing, mode changing ability plus can be steady. They come in different colours or you can select an individual colour. They are also made up od different materials, some are metallic ones having different shapes and patterns. They are highly recommended because of their low power consumption capability.

birthday decoration items lights

8 Birthday Candles

Birthday candles make the cake more appealing. Select the candles properly, there are various types of birthday candles available in the market. Alphabets shaped are much preferred, then other shapes. Candles are also in different shades and colour. Multicolour can also be placed to make your choice wisely.

birthday decoration items candles

9 Party Poppers

Party poppers have compressed air filled inside it. This compressed-air inside is used to shoot the colour- assorted confetti into the air. Party poppers are used in both indoor parties and outdoors ones. Inside the party poppers there can be glitters or paper depending upon what you want and what the theme suggested.

birthday decoration items poppers

10 Hanging Lanterns

For birthday decoration hanging lanterns are one of the most decent items suggested. These lanterns are more elegant and traditional looking. The material used to make these lanterns can vary from iron to brass, copper. Hanging lanterns have candles in it. Candles are scented and very attractive.

birthday decoration items lanterns

Tips to organise and store these items:

So you have a list of birthday decoration items, along with names.

1 Buy these things according to the theme or if not theme colour combination should be proper. There should be harmony among the things and evenness.

2 The things should be hanged neatly. If you are using sticking glue see to it that you do not damage the wall or other things. You can use sticker based products also.

3 Right things at the right places. See where to hang banners, where lights, curtains and then balloons. Keep cake in the right place and candles evenly.

How to store these items after use:

1 Fold the curtains carefully. They should be kept in such a way that they are not tangled.

2 Banners should be taken care of,  keep them properly.

3 Lights – check if damaged fix them

Best way to keep these birthday decoration items -inboxes. these boxes can be cartoons or in boxes of any material. These boxes can be wooden, paper, iron, even plastic boxes.

Guys!!!!!!  get ready !!!!! and start the party celebration with the items listed above. Make your birthday unique and different. Arrange things, have a party and after-party keep the things in proper order in separate boxes.




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