Basic Diwali Designs

Basic Diwali Designs

Hey!!!!!!!! guys Diwali is here and I’m here to help you with some Basic Diwali designs. Hey, guys, they are basic and easy to do. So get started with me.

Equipment Supplies Required: for Diwali designs

Drawing sheet (thick sheet )
Eraser, ruler
Pen( black ) (use black pen or marker)
Colour pens (all colours)


  • For Diwali, designs take drawing sheet and draw margin with a ruler. The margin should be with black sketch colour pen or marker.
  • Then think what is to be drawn and with a pencil draw a faint outline. After the selection of image and pencil sketch use a black pen to outline the pencil work and then erase the pencil outline.
  • Selection of colour is important to choose colours beforehand because there are chances of going wrong.
  • (Face, mouth, nose, eyes) should be done at last. Use a black pen for the face.

diwali designs

Laxmi Ganesha (Diwali designs)

diwali designs laxmi ganesha


Goddess Laxmi Feet

Diwali designs Goddess laxmi feet

Diwali Lights fireworks

diwali designs diwali lights

Diwali sketch

Diwali designs



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