10 Basic and Creative Painting Ideas For Beginners

10 Basic Painting Ideas For Beginners.


1 Drawing Book

Good drawing book is always necessary when you need to start sketching and colouring. Drawing book or sketchbook is the first basic painting ideas for beginners. The sketchbook should contain pages that are brighter in appearance and smoother to sketch and colour. The sheets should be of the bigger size, you can buy A4 size or as you prefer. Even kids can add it to the painting box. The quality of the pages should be good in order to create the best design. You can use both sides of the paper if the pages are good.

The sheets can be off- white or plain white and smooth in texture. Paper also should be thick and not thin, transparent because it spoils the colouring section of the artwork.

painting ideas for beginners drawing book

2 Pencil

Use excellent pencil set for drawing and sketching.  These pencils help in detailed, realistic drawings. Use those which are easy to sharpen than other writing pencils and have very fewer breakage issues. A pencil should smooth yet grainy but high bending property. They are graphite pencil,( soft /medium/hard). They also have a number assigned to them from thinner to thicker. Get these pencils because it plays an important role in your basic sketching design. Along with pencils, you will also need eraser and sharpener.

painting ideas for beginners pencil

3 Water Colour

water Colour is the next basic painting kit item. You have a number of types of watercolour. Some of them come in cake form and some of them are in tube form. Vibrance of the colour make your painting extraordinary. So select watercolour according to the colour pigmentation and shine which comes up after the colour dries up in the painting. There are acrylic colours also they are used in canvas but it can also be used in thicker sheets of drawing book. These tube acrylic colours can be used in earthenware also like pot painting, colouring.

paintng ideas for beginners watercolor

4 Oil pastel

These colours are very rich colours with large scale colour options. They can be intermixed and are highly blendable. These colours are easily mashed with issue papers. An oil pastel colour is both for beginners and professional. They are one of the important painting kit items for everyone interested in painting and colouring.

Oil colours are made up of wax which cannot dry. They are used without oil as they contain oil in less quantity itself. There is less chance of painting getting spoilt. For kids holding pastel colour is easy because it provides grip that of a pencil.

painting ideas for beginners oil pastel

5 Sparkle Colour

Sparkle colours are glittery. These glittery tubes are used for decoration. After colouring the artwork if you want it to shine or get extra effect then use these sparkle. Used also in craftwork like pot making and decoration. There is a certain type of sparkle tube that is used in fabric, cardboard and also in plastic bottles. They are metallic in shades.

painting ideas for beginners sparkle colour

6 Colour Pencils

Colour pencils are basic painting kit item everyone should have it. Colour pencils are basic colouring painting items for kids. There are so many shades available in them. they are easy to sharpen and are applied to give a soft touch to the artwork created by you. They are used for a detailed outline.

kids who cannot use other colouring items if they are too small they can opt for pencil colour as they are similar to a pencil which they can hold right. These colour pencils can be used in a common notebook also for highlighting purpose.

painting ideas for beginners color pencils

7 Brushes

Painting essentials for colouring -you need good brushes. There are several types of brushes available in the market. Some are synthetic brushes and some made up of nylon, and some are made up of artificial wool.

The brush tip should be fine and of good hair material. There are several types of shapes, like some are round-shaped, some flat tip, and some are oval. They are used in water colour paintings, making tempera, posters and fabric. They are the most basic painting ideas for beginners. The grip of the brush should also be proper and the body of the brush should be made of good material.

painting ideas for beginners paint brushes

8 Mixing Plate

Choose mixing plate according to use. The storage capacity and cleaning are important when it comes to buying a mixing plate. The number of painting wells should be more. These plates are of various shapes like kidney shape, rectangular-shaped, round-shaped. It should also have a water-storing compartment and mixing compartment.

If mixing plates are of round corners they are easy to clean and wash. Some of the mixing plates also give detachable oil dippers. For good artwork, mixing plate is essential Painting ideas for beginners.

painting ideas for beginners mixing plate

9 Sketch Pens or Colour Pens

Colour pens or sketch pens we call them they are nearly in all kids bags. They are essential for painting. Colour pens give properly detailed outline to the drawing. They are used at last to highlight the most important areas of the paintings. Starting with colour sketch pens is a good idea for beginners because you need to practice it and become good at it thereafter one can switch to colours cakes and others.

painting ideas for beginners sketchpen

10 Geometry Box.

Basic painting ideas for beginners and kids-must have a geometry box which contains various shapes and patterns. Also, normal scale and scale which has different geometric patterns. It is a must for kids to have this geometry box because it helps them draw perfect shapes easily.

painting ideas for beginners geometry box

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